Pathway crosstalk analysis of non-small cell lung cancer based on microarray gene expression profiling


Aims and background

Lung cancer is characterized by uncontrolled cell growth in the lung tissue. A major challenge in cancer research is the biological interpretation of the complexity of cancer somatic mutation profiles. This study examines the role of pathway crosstalk in the metastatic process of lung cancer cells based on DNA microarray analysis.


We downloaded the gene expression profile GSE10096 from the Gene Expression Omnibus database. Differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were identified and the gene functions of selected DEGs were further analyzed. After KEGG pathway analysis, dysfunctional pathways and dysfunctional crosstalk between pathways in two types of lung cancer cells (low metastasis, M1, and high metastasis, M5) were examined.


A total of 13433 genes were filtered as DEGs, and after pathway analysis, 108 signaling pathways related to cancer signaling pathways were screened, including a host pathway hsa05223 and 79 neighbor pathways. Dysfunctional crosstalk analysis of pathways revealed that pathway crosstalk dysfunction of M1 and M5 cells mainly occurred between hsa05223 (non-small cell lung cancer) and hsa04310 (Wnt signaling pathway), and between non-small cell lung cancer and hsa04520 (adherens junction), respectively. Significant pathway crosstalk dysfunction also existed between adherens junction and other classical signaling pathways such as hsa04110 (cell cycle), hsa04310 (Wnt signaling pathway), hsa04350 (TGF-beta signaling pathway), and hsa04630 (Jak-STAT signaling pathway).


Our discovery will help to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of the high carcinogenic and metastatic potential of lung cancer cells. In addition, it will pave the way to developing effective therapies for lung cancer.

Tumori 2015; 101(1): 111 - 116




Chunyan Xing, Ronghua Zhang, Jiyun Cui, Yonghong Li, Guanhua Li, Yanna Yang, Longbin Pang, Xiaoyun Ruan, Jun Li

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  • Department of Respiration, Jinan Central Hospital Affiliated to Shandong University, Jinan - China

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